Review || Reunion at Walnut Cherryville by Lauren Salem



~ Genre : Young-Adult Dystopian ~


|| BLURB ||

Johnny Cockit accidentally murdered a man when he was ten years old, which is why he was sent to Sonoran Correctional High School, a gender-segregated boarding school located in Phoenix, Arizona. Two months before graduation, Johnny and his friends are drugged and abducted by Walnut Cherryville secret watchers during an afternoon counseling session. Making decisions about the future has never felt important until the students are forced to work in a remote produce factory owned by the vengeful Quinton family. Walnut Cherryville is no ordinary factory; it’s the Quintons’ futuristic desert village governed by the principle that people live better-quality lives when they don’t make their own decisions. To ease the burden of life’s basic yet complicated choices, the government limits misdirection by choosing every citizen’s career path and lifestyle. Johnny and his friends plot an escape but must avoid being recaptured because abandonment of the village is a crime punishable by death. In a scandalous turn of events narrated by Johnny and his delinquent friends Vincent, Laura, and Collins, they discover that the reason they were captured roots back to an ancient family feud between the Cockit and Quinton families.

Due to strong sexuality, this book is intended for young adults ages 14 and up.


|| REVIEW ||

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the lovely Lauren Salem

This was one really enjoyable read and quite different from the other YA thrillers I’ve read before. I was intrigued right from the beginning and it felt like the pages kept turning themselves.

The characters were great but my favorite was undoubtedly Laura. She was strong and a realist through and through. I liked the rest of the characters as well because they were all different and it’s always awesome to read about such diverse personalities. But for me Laura and Collins were the most well developed characters throughout the book. I loved how the story was told through the point of views of the different characters. And it was amazing how they all had a very distinct styles of thinking, thanks to which I was never confused whose POV a chapter was from in the middle of chapters.

This was a very fast paced story but the only problem I faced was that there were moments when too much happened all at once and it was a tad bit difficult to keep track of everything and understand what exactly was happening . But once I was able to catch up again, I found myself liking the book more. I found some of the events a little unbelievable and far fetched but this being a dystopian novel, I cannot expect a lot of  credibility. Also I really would have liked to know a bit more about the ancient feud because it was talked about very little in the book but I guess it’s kept under wraps to be revealed in the next book.

Now I wouldn’t call RAWC a real dystopian…but it was rather a mix of different genres – romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, dystopian. …but I didn’t really mind it.

The best thing about this book however had to be the writing. Really, Lauren Salem has a very unique style of writing. It isn’t overly complicated but rather straight forward, funny and interesting.

This book had some positive as well as negative aspects. But despite it’s shortcomings, I am really interested to know what happens next and am quite looking forward to the nest book.

My Rating : ★★★1/2


ARC Review || Unwanted Girl by M.K. Schiller


– Genre : New-Adult/Adult Contemporary –

– Expected Publication Date : 19th January, 2016 –


|| BLURB ||

Recovering addict Nick Dorsey finds solace in his regimented life. That is until he meets Shyla Metha. Something about the shy Indian beauty who delivers take-out to his Greenwich Village loft inspires the reclusive writer. And when Shyla reveals her desire to write a book of her own, he agrees to help her. The tale of a young Indian girl growing up against a landscape of brutal choices isn’t Nick’s usual territory, but something about the story, and the beautiful storyteller, draws him in deep.

Shyla is drawn to Nick, but she never imagines falling for him. Like Nick, Shyla hails from a village, too…a rural village in India. They have nothing in common, yet he makes her feel alive for the first time in her life. She is not ready for their journey to end, but the plans she’s made cannot be broken…not even by him. Can they find a way to rewrite the next chapter?


|| REVIEW ||

Spoiler : No

I received an ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

So I’ll start with listing the two main reasons I have been wanting to read this particular book for a while now.

— Firstly, because M.K. Schiller is the author of one of my very favorite contemporary romance novels, The Do-Over and I love her writing. ❤

— Secondly, I am Indian, and when I read that this book had an actual Indian heroine with an actual Indian rural background, instead of the normal Indian-American heroines I’ve read before a couple of times, I knew I had to read this book! So yeah, I was really looking to Unwanted Girl and M.K. Schiller, surely did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the book. I was a little bit skeptical about how the author would be able to combine a serious topic like gendercide with romance, because it sort of seems to be an an unlikely combination, but Schiller managed to do it pretty well. 🙂

Now in the book we had Nick as the hero, who was a writer, living as a recluse. He carried the burden of his past when he was a meth-addict and blamed himself for an incident that changed his life and forced him to overcome his addiction. He lives a life without really living it and simply goes through the days without feeling anything.

Then there was our heroine, Shyla Metha – which I would like to correct is actually Mehta because there is no Indian surname called ‘Metha’ – who came from a remote village in India and was studying in America on student’s visa. She worked at a little eatery near Nick’s home and had been delivering sandwiches to Nick for a year. She was a shy, reserved and sweet girl and it took her a long time to even speak a few words to Nick.

Both Nick and Shyla were intrigued by each other and gradually formed a friendship. It was then that Shyla revealed her desire to write a book to Nick and asked him to help her though it. So together, they started the journey of writing a story, where Shyla narrated the story and Nick gave words and expressions to the writing. They were drawn to each other but hesitated to do anything about it since they belonged to two very different worlds and Shyla had plans to return to India after her graduation, which was only a few months away. But finally their deep feelings overcame the hesitation and they decided to be together as long as they could.

As I said before, I really enjoyed the book. It was fast paced, interesting, emotional and I couldn’t put it down. I also loved the characters. They felt real and pretty refreshing because like most books, this wasn’t about opposites attract, rather the two characters shared a lot of similar traits . I was a little miffed by Shyla st times because she kind of seemed a bit too tenacious at times but we come to know about her reasons at the end, so then we realize why she was…the way she was.

I love Schiller’s way of story-telling because it simply draws you in until you feel like the characters are a part of your life. I also really liked how after the first few chapters, the chapters kind of alternated between Nick and Shyla’s present account and the story they were writing, Asha’s Story. Honestly, at first I though it would be boring and annoying, like, you’re really engaged into what’s happening between Nick and Shyla and suddenly in the next chapter you have to read Asha’s story. But it was not at all the case. In fact, Asha’s story was so compelling, there were moments I wanted to read her story more that our main characters….so yeah, there wasn’t a single dull moment in the book, for me at least.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of research Schiller seems to have done for this book because there were a lot about the Rural Indian society, culture, names, customs, rituals, etc in the story and there were also a couple of tales about this Indian god and goddesses. I was really happy that majority of the details were accurate. However, I did find some errors, so I have to point them out –

(1) There were some errors in the names of the characters – As I mentioned about Metha actually being Mehta. Then Asha’s husband’s name was Aditi which is not a name for males in India. It is a name for females. And her brother-in-law’s name was Mukash, but the correct name should be Mukesh.

(2) In the book it was written that in Asha’s wedding, the bride and the groom took FOUR rounds around the holy fire to signify their tie to each other. But in any Indian marriage, the bride and groom take SEVEN rounds around the holy fire as their seven vows to each other.

So apart from these main errors, the details were mostly correct, I guess. There were also a few spelling errors here and there, which I hope will be corrected in the final print.

And lastly, the twist that comes in the end….Now I have a read a few other reviews of this book and a couple of them said that they found the plot twist predictable. I’ll have to be honest here – I did not anticipate it. I really didn’t. So the twist at the end totally shocked me, but i loved it!

Thus,  Unwanted Girl by M.K. Schiller was a fantastic read and I enjoyed every bit.

My rating : ★★★★.25

ARC Review || Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon


~ Genre : Young-Adult Contemporary Romance ~

~ Publication Date : 1st September 2015 ~


|| BLURB ||

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.


|| REVIEW ||

{I received an ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.}

It took me quite a while to write this review because I just couldn’t think, let alone write something to convey my reaction towards this particular book. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon simply robbed me off the ability to form any coherent thought. *_*
I’ve read a bunch of books where the protagonists suffer from different type of diseases. I’ve liked some, disliked some, loved some, and absolutely abhorred some! This book totally comes into the ‘Loved’ list! Right from the beginning, it sucked me in! 🙂
Now the proof of how incredibly intriguing this book is that I actually managed to read it in between of a Harry Potter book!
I’ve been dying to read Everything Everything ever since I came across it on NetGalley. I literally screamed with joy when I saw I’d been approved for it’s ARC. I started reading immediately and not once did it get even slightly uninteresting, so as to make me take a break and read HP again before continuing, and that, my friend, is a very big thing! 😉

Coming to the characters of this book, we firstly have Madeline who’s suffering from a very rare disease, SCID (Several Combined Immunodeficiency). As said in the synopsis, she’s allergic to the world. So basically, she’s very sick. She has a very organized, very routined kind of life which she has accepted and is content with. That is until Olly steps into her life and everything changes. ❤ ❤
I really liked Maddy as a character. She was a normal teenage girl with normal feelings, wants and emotions. That is what I liked the best about her. Just because she was sick didn’t mean that she was somehow different or deeper than other average teenagers. She had mood swings, she was incredibly selfish at times, and made some wrong decision too. Being sick didn’t make her look at life in an excessively philosophical way. And that’s what made her even more likable and relatable.

Then there was Olly. Oh Olly, my sweetheart! I absolutely adored him! He is one awesome, funny, energetic, sweet, cheeky and deliciously hot guy with pacific blue eyes and dimples and muscles! *hyperventilates* ❤ He belongs to a kind of dysfunctional family, and just like in Maddy’s case, here too, his background wasn’t used an an excuse to make him an unnecessarily intense or mopey character. He was, though, a little bit philosophical at times, thankfully it didn’t seem pretentious. He simply made me smile with all his cute antics. He’s also my new book boyfriend! ❤

Everything Everything made me feel very intensely! It made me deliriously happy at the good moments and also made me bawl my eyes out at the sadder parts. I felt every single emotion the characters felt. From happiness and hope to despair and disappointment. It was like I was a part of their lives, their world…This book made it impossible not to feel.

But surprisingly, at least for me, the book was more on the lighter side than I had expected and I’m so glad it was that way. The writing too was simple, straightforward, intelligent and witty! The dialogues especially were totally hilarious!! And those extra illustrations like, lists, prescriptions, charts, IMs, emails, etc. were a visual treat! They were very smartly placed and made the book ever more enjoyable! 😀

The romance between Olly and Maddy was portrayed beautifully too! It was genuine, honest and once again, totally straight forward! There was no beating around the bush. What they felt, they showed. They were just so perfect together. I simply couldn’t get enough of them, their scenes, their conversations. And oh, the little bites of sexual tension here and there just made it all the more good. ❤

  • Then came the plot twists. And my god, what a twist it was! I honestly hadn’t seen it coming! It shocked me to the core! I really don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting any twist in the story, so I guess that’s why it shocked me more. But it did indeed change the entire course of the story. *o*

A good twist or a bad one, I won’t spoil for the readers. 😉

I enjoyed reading this book immensely! It had me hooked from the first page to the last. With wonderful, complex characters and a fairly unique story line, Everything Everything is a complete package stuffed with emotions and should not be missed! The author, Nicola Yoon has done a splendid job with her very first novel and I hope she writes more such amazing stories in future because I, for sure am going to read every single one of them. 😀

My rating : ★★★★.75

(I’m deducting .25 stars because of the lack of clarification on why Olly’s family moved away towards the end of the book.)

Harry Potter : A First-Timer Starts Her Journey

So…I am a bookaholic. Yes, I am one. I’ve read a lot of books. I do read a lot of books. But a few days ago I realized that there’s something I’ve missed doing. Something that I am supposed to do but I haven’t. What was that? Oh, well, the title says it all, doesn’t it? So yeah, I hadn’t read the Harry Potter Series. Now I know it might not be that big a deal…but HP is exactly the kind of book I read very much. The whole fantasy-thriller genre is something I absolutely love. So It was suddenly clear. I had to read this particular series and soon. And all the raving and hype about this series and the huge fandom it has, how hadn’t I ever though about reading it before? Thus it was high time I correct that little error. 🙂

I ordered the Harry Potter Box Set with my birthday money and the day it arrived, I just kept staring at it all day. They were so utterly gorgeous! The covers designed by the very talented, Andrew Davidson, were a sight to behold. Each cover more beautiful than the other. ❤



( Picture Courtesy : – Because the few pictures I took were kind of blurry. But this is the set I ordered. 😀 )



.( Picture Courtesy : Meee!! Because blurry or not, I had to post at least one of my pictures 😉 )


I finally had the HP series in my possession and I couldn’t wait to dive in. So I did. That very day.

And that very day I got this idea. Most bookworms now, have read this series and they all are proud PotterHeads. But when I shared my excitement about reading this series for the very first time, I came to know badly they want to experience it themselves too. The experience of entering Harry Potter’s world for the first time. So a lot of them requested me to share my views and reviews with them through the journey, which I will.  😀

Now I’m done with the first book and I can already say that Harry Potter can’t be reviewed. It not something you just read. It’s a journey, which you can only experience. ❤

Also I’d only seen the first 3 movies of HP when I was quite young, and because for some weird reason back then, I’d lost interest in them and didn’t bother watching the next ones. So I’ve decided that I’ll watch the movie of each book i read, right after I’m done with the respective book. :p

ARC Review || The Piano Man Project by Kat French


~ Genre : Adult Contemporary Romance ~

~ Publication Date : 30th July 2015 ~


|| BLURB ||

Finding love isn’t always black and white…

You: kind, piano-playing sex god
Me: hopelessly romantic charity shop manager

Honeysuckle Jones has a problem, and her best friends Nell and Tash are on a mission to help her solve it. She needs a man – a caring, intelligent, funny man. But most importantly, a man who’s good with his hands…

Luckily Honey’s new neighbour – moody, antisocial ex-chef Hal – fails on almost every count. Even though the chemistry between them is electric, he’s obviously wrong for her in every way.

But when Honey discovers the devastating reason for his moods she decides to give him another chance. And discovers that the best songs aren’t always in tune…

A hilarious, feel-good, sexy romantic comedy for fans of Lucy Diamond, Paige Toon and Giovanna Fletcher.


|| REVIEW ||

{I received an ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.}

Reading the blurb of The Piano Man Project, I’d expected this to be one of those cute and fluffy and sexy and fun reads that would leave me with a big grin on my face. In fact for the first 40-50%, I was totally sure this book was everything I’d hoped it would be. The story started out in a pretty funny and interesting way and I just didn’t want to stop reading. It was so good. I liked the main characters very much and loved the portrayal of their gradually developing relationship. We had this kind, adorable and romantic heroine and a hero who’s gruff, mysterious, hot and sort of an enigma. Theirs was a different relationship. Unpredictable and volatile. There was animosity, then friendship, then attraction – which by the way they wanted but could not act upon.

Also side by side, we had another story in progress. Our heroine, Honeysuckle (no kidding there! That’s really her name! ) or Honey, works in this charity shop with two volunteer workers, Lucile and Mimi, who are her dear friends and live in the Old people’s charity home attached to the shop. Due to the lack of funding, the residential home comes under the hammer, leaving the residents which include Lucile and Mimi, facing eviction and Honey losing her job. Hence begins a series attempts to save the home. Furthermore there were some personal issues of Mimi and Lucile which took some portion of the book. Their parts were fairly engaging but if you’re expecting this book to be purely a romance novel with the story revolving solely around the two protagonist, you might get disappointed.

There was quite a good dose of humor involved as well. The whole setup in totality was very gripping and I was enjoying the book thoroughly. But that was only upto where the story reached it’s midpoint. Because then things started being not-so-interesting and not-so-funny and not-so enjoyable. The characters I loved so much started deteriorating rapidly, to a point I was absolutely irritated of both our protagonists.

For Honey, I really wanted the girl to gain some self-respect. Hal (our hero) kept pushing her away again and again. Each time, his rejection more hurtful and insulting.  Still it was Honey who went back to him each and every time. I really wanted her to stand on her ground and let Hal grovel a bit. But she crawled back to him even if it was HIM at 1000% fault. The we had Hal. From the beginning of the story I loved him as a character. I justified his actions for some time as I realized his reasons and everything her had been through. But all that was okay to a point. Him being a complete ass again and again, I couldn’t overlook. Even though they get better towards the end of the book, I really wish they hadn’t worsened at the first place.

So obviously, it’s difficult to enjoy a book when you’re constantly getting irritated with the characters.

Moreover there was one more thing that was really getting on my nerves in the latter parts. Whenever things went downhill between Honey and Hal and you’d be dying to see what turn their relationship takes, instead of getting that you’d have to read pages and pages of the residential home issue. I’m not saying that part of the story was boring. But when you’re desperate to see what happens between the leads and how things change for the better, you just don’t want that to be interrupted by any other issue, especially if it takes so long to get back to the original matter. I guess that is why I felt so disconnected to the story.

Lastly, one thing that I dislike very much in book – rushed up conclusions. Has the ending at least been satisfying and not so hasty, it certainly would have lifted up some of my disappointment, but alas it did no good to the already collapsing story.

To conclude, I’d say The Piano Man Project was not a bad book. It was…okay. The first half was extremely entertaining and intriguing but the next half was not that happening. With decent characters, good humor and average story, it was a fine read.

My Rating : ★★★1/2

Review || P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2)



|| BLURB ||

Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.
She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?

In this charming and heartfelt sequel to the New York Times bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we see first love through the eyes of the unforgettable Lara Jean. Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing.


|| REVIEW ||

Bookaholism Blog : So…you read P.S. I Still Love You?

Me : Yeah, I finally did.

Blog : How was it?

Me : It was great.

Blog : Did you enjoy it?

Me : Yep!

Blog : And did you like it as much as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before?

Me : Um…I…uh…..

Blog : As the second book of a duology did it satisfy you?

Me : Oh, well…um….hehehe… *awkward shrug*

Now if you read that silly conversation above, it actually sums up my thoughts on P.S. I Still Love You. I read the first book of this duology, To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before, just a week or so back and I absolutely loved it. It was so cute and entertaining, I had to give it a five star rating (My Review) and I’ve been desperate to read the the second book ever since.

So this book starts from where the last book had left off. Just like the previous book, this one too is extremely easy to dive into. It was relaxed, funny and quite enjoyable. There were a lot of Covey family scenes in this book which I absolutely adored.

We also had a new (well, almost new) character in this book. John Ambrose McClaren. I loved John period. He was an absolute sweetheart right from the moment he entered. But of course, I knew Peter and Lara Jean were endgame, so I tried not to fall for him too hard, It failed though, horribly. I loved having him in the book.

But sadly, that’s where my praises for this book ends. I honestly enjoyed the first book much, much more and there are several reasons for that. Let’s start with the fact that there was wayyyyy too much UNNECESSARY drama in this book. I personally felt that the story was simply being dragged in order to make it a full-fledged novel. Just a few more chapters added in TATBILB would have been sufficient and way more satisfying than an entire novel filled with nothing but childish misunderstandings and a love square and zero character development.

I remember defending Lara Jean in the first book and I’ll still stick to my opinion in relation to the situations she was in. However, I will not deny that in the sequel, our protagonist in a lot of parts was extremely immature and annoying. I did understand her jealousy and everything but it really irritated me to see her coming to conclusion about everything without thinking through it properly. i kept waiting for her to come to her senses….basically, to gain at least some semblance of maturity, but no, she didn’t.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I couldn’t connect to her relationship with Peter. There was no trust, no faith, no development at all. I just couldn’t call it LOVE. In fact, their relationship in the first book seemed much more….like a real relationship.

Secondly, one of my main complains about PSISLY was that Lara Jean and Peter’s story did not get the focus it needed. As the main leads of the book, their scenes as a couple were surprisingly lacking. And the few times they were together, it most of the time ended on a negative note. I really wanted some cute, romantic times between them but I was left disappointed. 😦

I found the ending too rushed as well. The pace from the beginning had already been slow but then the wrap up was way suddenly quick. Basically this book focused on a lot of different matters, but non of them actually got a proper conclusion.

The only thing consistent and for the lack of better word, well, fabulous was my Kitty kitty!.. My god, how much I love her. I totally want a sister like her…Also there was nothing of our Joshy boy this time. I really liked him in the previous book and wanted him in the sequel too..but…*sigh*

So..yeah…although I know there wasn’t a lot of positivity in my review but ultimately P.S. I Still Love You was not a bad book. It was okay. Not really unpleasant, but just…unsatisfying and disappointing.

My Rating : ★★★ 1/2

Review || The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass



|| BLURB ||

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn’t want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she’s made for herself–and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.


|| REVIEW ||

I loved reading The Selection by Kiera Cass. There is no other way phrase what I feel about this book. But yeah, as superficial as I sometimes am when it comes to books, let me first fangirl a bit about the cover of the book. OMG THAT COVER!!!! IT’S SO FREAKING PRETTY! SO GORGEOUS! SO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I fell in love with the cover the moment I laid eyes on it but for some strange reason I never felt like reading it. However yesterday while I was searching for a good book for my kindle app on amazon, I came across  this book. I opened the link and just stared at the cover for a few minutes. Then, impulsively, I ordered it. After the book was downloaded, I immediately started reading. And FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I read a book without first reading it’s blurb on goodreads.

It was a bit weird in the beginning to be honest. Not the book, but that I had no exact idea what I was getting into, apart from the fact that it was somehow a princess-ish story (thanks to the cover again :p). But the book sucked me in right from the first page. It was a page turner for me and simply unputdownable. And not having read the blurb, almost everything came as a surprise to me. The love triangle, especially. I am as a reader NOT a fan of love-triangles in books, or anything for that matter. It’s hard to see the hearts of the characters you love break. So I was kind of sad when I sensed a really complicated love triangle coming up ahead in the book, and despite my dislike towards that particular thing, I knew I couldn’t abandon the book. 🙂

So let’s talk about the characters now, starting with our protagonist America. She was a wonderful character. Strong, emotional, determined, honest and funny. There were a few instances where she came off as a bit annoying, when she would do or say something stupid, but then she had reason that were almost valid. And I do not expect a perfect protagonist anyway, because duh, that would be so unrealistic! So yeah, America was a normal girl with both positive as well negative traits. Oh, and did I mention that she was incredibly gorgeous with beautiful read hair? I guess that sums it up. 😉

Now as the synopsis suggests, we have America’s boyfriend, Aspen, who belongs to a lower caste than her. I loved him as a character. Aspen was this handsome, intelligent, kind, loving and passionate guy, the perfect example of a book boyfriend.His reasons for breaking up with America were understandable but I felt so bad for both of them. I wanted to hug him so tight in the scenes he was almost about to cry. I broke my heart to see him hurt. 😥

And then there was Maxon, What do I say about him. Yeah, I am a complete slut when it comes to these amazing bookish boys, so after professing my undying love for Aspen, I fell head-over-heels in love with Prince Maxon. Was it his utter sweetness, his adorable inexperience with girls, his heart-melting compassion or those yummy strong arms…I have no idea. Of course, he had his faults too…but I love him too much to point them out. ❤

So that was the problem. I loved both Maxon and Aspen so much. I can not in a thousand years choose who i loved more. They both were such darlings. I could just imagine how hard it must have been for America…*sigh*

The story did not get a closure at the end as it is the first part of series but also there is no cliffhanger ending.

To conclude I’d say that The Selection was the kind of book you can read in a single sitting. It was funny, gripping and fast paced. The romance in the book is brilliant. I enjoyed every bit of the book. There was no low point in it. It was extremely entertaining throughout. Simply wonderful.

My Rating : ★★★★★

(PS. I’m really excited to read the next book of the series, The Elite. And I’ve decided that just like the first book, I’m gonna skip reading the blurb. 😀 )